Learning Network for Social Innovation

Cooperation Agreement:


To support communications management and strategies for the sustainability of NGOs, social projects and enterprises, social innovation programs, and social change agent initiatives.
Who is driving this initiative?
KEY COMMUNICATIONS: based in Panama, dedicated to providing advisory services for the development of communication strategies for social innovation, strengthening projects and initiatives of collective impact, and promoting social entrepreneurship.
RESOURCE ALLIANCE: organization based in London, which works globally to strengthen the impact of the social sector, supporting organizations of any dimension to develop the human, financial and intellectual resources needed to build a better world.
What is this initiative?
The alliance between KEY COMMUNICATIONS and RESOURCE ALLIANCE generates this project to create the Learning Network for Social Innovation.
In its initial stage, it aims to consolidate an initial group of leaders and agents of social change, linked to the work for Human and Social Development and the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals - SDG.
This group will have the opportunity to interact and exchange experiences and learnings. After your registration process, you will receive an invitation to join The Resource Alliance Global Community with access to valuable content related to communication and fundraising strategies.
Who can participate?
Any person linked to a project with social impact or an initiative for collective well-being.  Could be from the public or private sector, NGOs or social entrepreneurs. 
How can you get involved?
By applying to join this network, later, you will be invited to hold a conversation to deepen your interest in joining this initiative.
What are the proposed activities?
- Learning Webinars on topics related to Communications, Fundraising, and Social Innovation.
- Join the Resource Alliance Global Community, with access to valuable content in Communications & Fundraising. 
- Groups of discussion and learning.
- Invitations to webinars and workshops.